About me

I am - like many others - an award winning photographer. #not_a_big_deal 
Today most everyone takes great pictures that could win awards. 
But I started before many others. Since 1975 I've been a professional photographer, doing both stills, video and now also drone images.

Mostly worked for newspapers and magazines.
I have been based in:
Stockholm. (I am swedish).
New York. 7 years.

Los Angeles. 13 years.

London. 1 year.

Beijing. 1 year.

Bangkok. 4 years.
Now living in Mallorca and working together with Charlotte von Proschwitz at 

After over 40 years in the business,
I'm now a little bit tired of covering negative stories for my newspapers.

Today I want to photograph people who are happy, and like me to take their picture. 

Not like Mike Tyson in Las Vegas before a boxing match when he told me that he would bust my fucking ass if I took his picture. 
(We became friends 10 years later during a photo shoot in a studio in the same city. . .).